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About Us

Effective Fitness Made Simple.

Effective fitness made simple is not just a tagline but the way we do things. Our clients don’t have to guess if their program is right, we make sure it is. We’ve been designing, teaching and coaching in the fitness industry for more than 22 years. In that time we have never lost our passion for research and learning. Health and fitness programs have come a long way since 1996 and we’ve kept up with all the incredible changes.

Fitness Boot Camp Instructor
Rachel has a degree in dietetics and holistic nutrition as well as education in kinesiology and physical fitness. She is a co-founder, nutritionist and lead instructor at San Diego Core Fitness. She has a passion for music & choreography.

Rachel has a passion for dance, which translates into meticulously choreographed boot camp classes. Justin has certifications from the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force and specializes in strength and cross functional training. Combined they create a perfect fitness and nutrition team that meets every client’s needs.

Justin was certified as a Master Fitness Trainer by the U.S. Army in 1996 as well as Commander's Total Fitness Program Manager for the 3rd Air Support Operations Group at Ft. Hood Tx. His interest has always been in outdoor fitness.

Unique Fitness Tools To Simplify Success

San Diego Core Fitness blends tech, science and nature to make effective fitness fit easily into your complex life.

What Does Effective Fitness Made Simple Mean?

Our versatile service offerings fit easily into your lifestyle.
Boot Camps
The Perfect Workout
Improved Mood

Outdoor boot camps elevate mood over equivalent indoor workouts and burn more calories due to increase adrenal response.

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Personal Training
A boutique experience
The Perfect Workout

The personal attention of personal training, the sophistication of cross functional training and the intensity of a boot camp creates the perfect workout.

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Virtual Training
Live Interactive Virtual
The Perfect Solution

On Demand Fitness has reached millions. We are now taking it to the next level with personal training and small group fitness anytime, anywhere.

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For Every Budget
Get Dietician Support

From self serve to 100% Nutritionist designed we have cost effective nutrition programs to fit our workouts and your budget.

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Our Three Pillars: Science, Technology and Nature

San Diego Core Fitness is an extraordinarily unique and effective program. They fuse science, technology and the outdoors into one incredible program. Exercising outdoors improves mood and increases caloric expenditure and adherence to exercising. Add music and once again you step up the mood elevation, increase adrenal secretion, which increases your metabolic rate and caloric burn.

Stress reduces your ability to workout as well as contributes to belly fat. By including a virtual schedule into our class and personal training services, we reduce the stress of having to fight traffic or a complicated schedule to get your much needed workout in. We can hold you accountable in person or via a 2-way live interactive virtual training experience. Never miss your workout again!

On Your Own

If you don’t need the accountability but would like guidance and encouragement, we offer Personal Fitness Plans. Follow the plan in your own time but get live interactive instruction for each weekly workout. You never have to worry about doing the exercise correctly or if you are doing it at the right intensity to reach your goals. During our weekly virtual check-ins, we show you the workout, assess your form and determine the intensity then set you on your way. No guessing games, just a straight up great workout plan.

With each plan we include nutrition assistance and aerobic scheduling to compliment your weekly workouts. If you want to get into great shape or just get healthy so your annual check-ups never make you nervous again, we got you covered.

One Stop Shop

San Diego Core Fitness is your one stop shop for fitness and nutrition, in person or online, we can help you reach new levels of fitness that you never thought possible. The best shape of your life may still lay ahead.

San Diego Core Fitness: we are effective fitness made simple.