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I often get bored with workouts, especially in the gym, but for TWO YEARS I have been trained, challenged, encouraged, entertained and surprised by how enjoyable (but hard!) Justin’s workouts are. If you sign up for multiple locations, you hit the jackpot. His wife, Rachel, teaches some of the TOUGHEST most cardio-riffic classes I’ve ever tried. Combined, they are the workout dream team.

Danielle B.

Yelp Review

I’m 38 and the thought of boot camp would send me running, the other way. But I figured, heck, why not. It is the best purchase I’ve ever made!! You can do it, no matter age, lifestyle, body type, doesn’t matter. It’s so worth it. I love the Morley Field location, I’m just so happy I was brave enough to take the step, way forward.

Amelia S.

Yelp Review

I’m in love with SD Core Fitness! Both Justin and Rachel run awesome outdoor workout classes which differ every day to give a great workout in 45mins to an hour. I get a killer workout and love the fact that I no longer have to plan my own fitness routine, I just show up and get my butt kicked every time!

Jana C.

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I Lost 21 lbs of fat in 21 days!

Sounds impossible right? But it’s not…Most people lose 10% of their bodyweight when starting a new diet. Our program is designed to ensure that the 10% you lose is body fat and we give you the tools to continue to lose the right weight or maintain your new healthy weight permanently.

These are real results from our 21 day program. The program includes:

  • Pre-Juice Fast Guide
  • 21 Day Fitness Program
  • 3 Day Juice Fast Guide
  • 4 Day Optimize Plan
  • 7 Day Discovery Plan
  • 7 Day Implementation
  • Plus lots more support & 1-on-1 coaching…




Workouts designed for you and how you live!

Contact [email protected] for more details.

Join Our Core Fitness Family.


We love training and we have a variety of Core Access memberships that let us share that love of fitness with you. Our  most popular Core All Access Membership gives you access to outdoor boot camps at Mission Bay, North Park and Ski Beach, our full schedule of live virtual classes and our regularly updated video on demand library.

We are passionate about fitness, food and getting into incredible shape. Our combined services memberships let us give you the opportunity to fully experience the San Diego Core Fitness training universe. Our Personal Training sessions are fun and your personal trainer will customized each workout for you. Our nutrition coaching is personalized to every client and concentrates on delicious and healthy habits.




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We have a program that fits any health budget or fitness personality type.

Outdoor Boot Camps are great for the Team Player that loves the outdoors and a social setting.

Virtual Fitness Classes are essential for the always on-the-go lifestyle, never miss a workout, train from wherever you are.

Personal Fit Plans are custom roadmaps for the self-motivators that like a professional plan that fits your needs exactly. Add our ReCode Nutrition Coaching and if you’re not a foodie yet, we’ll turn you into one.

Virtual Personal Trainers are always available to give you a great workout. We have created a new website specific to our personal training program.

Virtual Personal Training

Our Core Fitness Virtual Personal Trainers are available when you are. Sign up for 1 or 2 weekly 30 minute virtual personal training sessions and get our Core Access Membership free! You not only get a great deal but also a personalized approach to your core fitness plan. We craft each workout based on the type of training that suits you best. Your Core Fit coach will help you reach your goals, all while monitoring your form and teaching you how to improve in all areas of your training.

ReCode Nutrition Coaching

We have a lot of nutrition experience on our staff and our Core Fit dietitians love to flex their nutrition muscles. Our Dietitian and Nutritionist aren’t just certified, they both have university degrees in their disciplines and they really know their stuff. Whether you choose a completely custom approach or a more affordable programmed approach, be assured that they are at the top of their game. Our ReCode9 Nutritionsts will give you the best program for your needs.

Personal Fit Plans

This is one of our favorite programs to administer. It’s all about data and tracking. We create a custom Core Fit workout in a PDF and go over the exercises via a live virtual appointment. We record the virtual session and attach the PDF workout to it so you have it in both written and video format. Next, you choose a nutritionist approved meal plan in our nutrition software and enter your daily meals. We review and adjust week-to-week to make sure you are always moving forward towards your goals. This is program is unique to SD Core Fitness, you won’t find it anywhere else.



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North Park: Tuesday/Thursday: 6am & 7am

Mission Bay: Tuesday/Thursday: 5:30pm

Ski Beach Mission Bay: Saturdays: 8am

Virtual Core Fitness Schedule

45 Minute Workouts:

Mornings: Mon/Tu/Thu/Fri: 7:30am

Evenings: Mon/Wed/Fri: 5:30pm

Tu/Thu: 5pm


Virtual Personal Training

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Schedule w/ Instructor Mondays-Saturdays.


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