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I just want to reiterate that I love this boot camp! The beach locations are so awesome! I love the times and varieties!
by Allie S. - Yelp Review
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In Person, Online, or by Video On Demand, San Diego Core Fitness gives you the tools to stick to a successful training schedule.

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I often get bored with workouts, especially in the gym, but for TWO YEARS I have been trained, challenged, encouraged, entertained and surprised by how enjoyable (but hard!) Justin's workouts are. If you sign up for multiple locations, you hit the jackpot. His wife, Rachel, teaches some of the TOUGHEST most cardio-riffic classes I've ever tried. Combined, they are the workout dream team.
By Danielle B
Suspension Training Boot Camp Mission Bay San Diego
I’m 38 and the thought of boot camp would send me running, the other way. But I figured, heck, why not. It is the best purchase I’ve ever made!! You can do it, no matter age, lifestyle, body type, doesn’t matter. It’s so worth it. I love the Morley Field location, I’m just so happy I was brave enough to take the step, way forward.
By Amelia S.

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I'm in love with SD Core Fitness! Both Justin and Rachel run awesome outdoor workout classes!
Jana C.


Justin Fassio

Justin Fassio

Co Founder, Lead Trainer

Certified as a Master Fitness Trainer by the United States Army, Commander’s Total Fitness Program Manager by the USAF and A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer in 1996, Co Owner, Justin Fassio, has maintained the core military philosophy of fitness training, which has resulted in creating the best workout routines out of some of the most popular outdoor fitness training methods used today. Never one to favor the gym scene over outdoor workouts, he’s spent his adult life perfecting his outdoor fitness technique. Fitness in San Diego plays a significant role in everyone’s life as well as outdoor life. Combining both has always made sense to Justin and it shows in his coaching style and creativity in every boot camp.

Justin Fassio

Co Founder, Lead Trainer
Rachel Fassio

Rachel Fassio

Co Founder, Dietician, Trainer

Rachel has 10+ years higher eduction in Dietetics and Holistic Nutrition as well as a background in dance, group fitness instruction and personal training through her schooling. She brings an emphasis on high intensity cardio and multi dimensional movement to each of her incredibly well planned workouts. Her knowledge in dietetics and nutrition is extensive and well delivered in her unique yet effective programs.

Rachel Fassio

Co Founder, Dietician, Trainer

Why Choose San Diego Core Fitness

``Wonderful instructors, exciting work outs that change constantly, motivating group of people.`` -Jessica G.
In Person & Online

With the option of live interactive online personal training and in-person workouts, you never have to go to a busy gym or miss a day of training because you're running out of time. We are everywhere you are.

Cross Functional Training

Utilizing High Intensity Interval Training & Functional Exercise means that we accomplish more in less time. Our style of training will improve everything athletic that you do.

Outdoor Workouts

Research on outdoor physical activity shows significantly greater positive effects on emotional state, muscle activation, and fatigue compared to equivalent exercise done in a gym.

Workout with pros

Rachel & Justin have more than 30 years of fitness and nutrition experience between them. Their deep passion for both drives them to keep up-to-date on the latest in the science related to personal training, nutrition, & general fitness.

Beautiful Outdoor Settings

Gyms are expensive, dirty and don't have a great views! We chose each location for the view, features relevant to our workouts and proximity to our other locations. Get either an incredible sunrise workout or sunset boot camp with all the built-in tools that make for a great class or personal training session.

Positive Attitude

We coach from a place of deep curiosity in the search for fitness and good health. Justin is a chef & foodie and Rachel has a passion for dance and nutrition, which culminate in a motivating group workout or personal training session every time.


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