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Morley Field Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp

In the heart of North Park

Right in the heart of North Park is Morley Field. With its abundance of rolling hills, open fields, stairs and steps, Morley Field is the perfect spot to hold an outdoor fitness boot camp. Some classes utilize equipment, others are bodyweight, sometimes we stay in place and at other times we move around the park. Every boot camp utilizes all of the natural beauty and resources Morley Field has to create the best outdoor experience we possibly can.

Outstanding people

It’s not easy to wake up every morning, sometimes before the sun is up, and get motivated for your morning fitness routine. It takes a special kind of dedication but it gets results. Our morning boot camp crew is dedicated and friendly and are always up for a great fitness class. Never intimidating and always inviting, you will find that our morning boot camp crew is perfect motivation for making a positive habit change a daily workout routine.


Near the intersection of Texas and Upas street in North Park, Morley Field is an ideal morning boot camp location for anyone in the north park neighborhood.

Get Moving $20


Morley Field has an abundance of steep and lightly sloped hills, steps, stairs, open fields and free space for an incredibly effective outdoor fitness class experience.

Get Healthy $30

Morning Boot Camps

Every morning during the work week from 6am to 6:45am and 6:45am to 7:30am we hold fitness classes at the corner of Joes Schloss Way & Jacaranda Place.

Lifestyle Change $40



Sign Up Online

Make sure that you have signed up online and are registered for class. You can login, select the dropdown under your name and double check your schedule to make sure you are signed up.


Check the Map

Our software is integrated with Google Maps, please check the location and make sure you know where we will be, the pin in the map will take you to our exact starting point.


What to Bring

We provide all of the equipment when necessary. We recommend that you bring water and a towel. The first boot camp will be difficult but you can take it at your own pace until you adjust.

San Diego Core Fitness Outdoor Boot Camp

Outdoor Fitness



We chose to have outdoor boot camps as our primary service because it is the healthiest form of training you can do. Working out outside elevates mood, increases metabolic rate and offers a greater variety of exercises than a traditional indoor workout.

Start with on of two options $20 Get Moving: 6 Weeks Unlimited Boot Camps or $30 Get Healthy 6 Weeks Unlimited Boot Camps, Nutrition Portal and Makeup Virtual Boot Camps.

North Park Boot Camp-Morley Field


Science shows that people who workout first thing in the morning are more successful at sticking to their training routine. In the morning the only excuse is to wake up or not to wake up. By evening time life has caught up with you and people start skipping their workouts due to family obligations, shopping, dinner and myriad other reasons. Our Morley Field morning boot camp schedule gives you every reason to workout and no reasons not to.


With the numerous outdoor features Morley Field affords us, our boot camps range from intense to extremely intense. Keep in mind that you are always working out to you own capacity. If you choose to train harder and you let yourself get swept up in the group atmosphere, every workout will challenge you to your maximal effort.


Each boot camp has a theme that goes along with the title and description. However, even from boot camp to boot camp we mix up the exercises, interval times and intensity. Our boot camps get you into great life shape. Our approach of constant muscle confusion is perfect for accomplishing just that. You will never get bored or completely adapt to our workouts but you will get into great shape and have fun doing it.