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Hybrid Personal Training

Online, Live Interactive or In Person Personal Training Appointments

Hybrid Personal Training

Our personal training program is unique and adaptive. We conduct Personal Training at our Aero Drive indoor/outdoor location as well as online, this is known as “hybrid training” where your trainer can meet you on site or online in an interactive live personal training session. This means that no matter how busy your schedule or where you’re at, we can keep you accountable to your workouts every week.

In Person-Studio

We have access to an incredibly modern and clean studio on Aero Drive. From a personal room to a full gym, we have all the modern equipment and machines any great personal trainer will need.

In Person-Outdoors

Furthermore, with incredible parks all over San Diego, it is a personal trainer’s paradise. We carry a truck full of equipment and are ready to train at many outdoor locations around San Diego.

Live Online

We can combine our training with live 2-way virtual streaming. We can conduct personal training from your phone, tablet, laptop or computer wherever you may be. Try 3 sessions for just $99.

30 or 45 Minute Appointments

Our personal training appointments are either 30 or 45 minutes. Consequently, we put you through an appropriately grueling session every time. Everyone’s time is valuable and a great workout doesn’t need an hour. That is to say that we have refined our training technique to get everything out of your time with us that we can. For most clients an hour would be overkill. Based on all available science, 30 or 45 minutes is the perfect workout and is why we chose this time for each of our training packages.

4 Pack Core Elite Personal Training

$ 280 Package

Core Elite Personal Training

  • 4 x 45 Minute Sessions with a Personal Trainer
  • Aero Drive Indoor Gym Location
  • Self Serve Nutrition Portal
  • Nutrition Advice During Appointments
  • Save 7% when you buy a package of 4

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8 Pack Core Elite Personal Training

$ 540 Package

Core Elite Personal Training

  • 8 x 45 Minute Sessions with a Persona Trainer
  • Aero Drive Indoor Gym Location
  • Self Serve Nutrition Portal
  • Nutrition Advice During Appointments
  • Email & In App Nutrition Support
  • Save 10% when you buy a package of 8

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Our Training Process


Functional Movement Assessment

In our first session we will go over a series of functional movements that will indicate how we need to start your program, which always begins with bringing your body into balance. A great personal trainer always starts with an assessment!


Program Design & Implementation

Secondly, after assessing your form and getting to know your goals, we design a program that creates a roadmap to success that includes short term goal setting and frequent design changes.


Starting Your Program

Thirdly, during each personal training session we make sure that your form is excellent and that you are exercising at an appropriate intensity for your abilities and to reach your short term goals.

Our Personal Training Style

We like to get the most out of each session. Our style is not to put you on a machine and count reps. We often use a technique called cross functional training. Traditional personal training involves a trainer tracking the weight you lift and spotting you during traditional exercises. At San Diego Core Fitness we take pride in being different and scientifically sound. After 22 years in the industry we have a long list of exercises inspired by yoga, pilates, physical therapy, barre, kettle bell training, and much more.

Multi-Planar, Multi-Joint

Many fitness professionals like to isolate muscles to burn them out and build them. We have found that if you combine muscle groups you not only burn more calories because more muscles are active but you increase athleticism and agility. The key to success is working out in numerous planes of movement as well as using multiple joints as axis points to engage as many muscles as possible in each exercise.

Please contact us with questions or to schedule an online or in-person consultation for Personal Training.

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