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Welcome to the full suite of services we offer at San Diego Core Fitness. All of our services are offered in person and online or can be combined into both. Through our revolutionary fitness software we can conduct Personal Training, review and modify exercises for Personal Fitness Plans and conduct nutrition appointments via live 2-way interactive appointments. We can hold boot camps and small group training sessions in person or online as well. It’s like having a Personal Trainer at home, ready to guide you to the healthiest you possible.

Fitness Boot Camps

Our bodyweight training follows the same program the U.S. Military has developed over decades, plus I’ve added modern physical therapy, functional training, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, core specific exercises, and calisthenics get you life ready. Our unique cross functional training style burns more calories than any other workout.

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Personal Fit Programs

Our Personal Fitness Programs are a combination of online coaching mixed with live, interactive virtual appointments. We send you a new exercise program each week based on the emphasis you choose. You select your favorite menu from our database, we create a cardio/aerobic schedule and adjust your menu to fit your goals. All you do is follow along.

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Our Elite Personal Training program is built upon the foundation of Cross Functional Fitness. Each workout is uniquely designed around your abilities and goals. No two Core Elite Personal Training sessions are ever the same and they always keep you on track to reaching your health and fitness goals.

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Virtual Training

Live virtual training goes way beyond “On Demand” videos and puts you in direct contact with the instructor in a live 1-on-1 or private, small group environment. You sign up for a virtual class, test your computer just before class time, then we connect live and our trainers motivate, correct and push you to experience a great workout every time.

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Nutrition Programs

Our philosophy starts with a whole foods, holistic approach to eating. Utilizing a Food Intake and Body Systems Analysis, our nutritionist gets a perfect picture of your dietary health and can begin constructing a program that addresses your personal goals, exercise program and lifestyle.

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Corporate Events

Online, in person or just one-off boot camp events, San Diego Core Fitness can manage corporate services of all sizes and types. From a team building trail boot camp or a beach side workout to internal wellness programs or periodic team challenges, we can develop any program your company may need. We handle every detail from start to finish.

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We have all your fitness, nutrition and wellness needs covered

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From an inexpensive boot camp 1st time special to comprehensive nutrition & personal training programs, you choose your starting point.



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Please utilize the widget at the lower right hand side of the screen if you have any questions. Our primary interest is in making sure that we can accommodate your busy lifestyle and make sure that you get the program that gives you the best results. We don’t mind creating a custom service package to meet your needs. You can always as us for a quote. Please ask us about our live, virtual services. It is very much like having a nutritionist or personal trainer at home. The goal is to leverage technology to get the best program to you for the lowest cost.