San Diego Boot Camp Instruction

Choose From 3 Membership Tiers

Tier 1: Get Moving


What is included:

Choose 1 outdoor boot camp location.

San Diego Core Fitness Boot Camps utilizes the natural features of the park and highly versatile equipment to deliver the most efficient workouts available today.

Every workout is unique and there are 11 workouts a week with any outdoor location.

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Tier 2: Get Healthy



What is included:

ADD Live 2-way Virtual rainy day makeup classes & access our self serve nutrition portal.

You are adding all outdoor locations to your schedule: 21 morning & evening workouts per week, virtual rainy day makeup classes & self serve nutrition portal access.

Join today and get the most out of your San Diego Core Fitness Membership.

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Tier 3: Lifestyle Change



What's Included

ADD our small group indoor training to all our outdoor locations, live 2-way virtual makeup boot camps, live 2-way midday class schedule, self serve nutrition portal w/ email & in app support.

ADD live interactive virtual fitness training & our indoor Aero Dr. classes to your current boot camp schedule: 36+ Workouts per week.

Join today and get the most modern fitness membership in the world today!

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Get Moving

$ 59 /mo


  • Choose Single Outdoor Location
  • Equipment Provided
  • Morning or Evening Boot Camps
  • Weekend Boot Camps Included
  • 11 Workouts Weekly
  • New Workouts Each Week
  • Discounts on Additional Services

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Get Healthy

$ 79 /mo

San Diego Lifestyle

  • Two Outdoor Locations
  • Equipment Provided
  • Morning and Evening Boot Camps
  • Weekend Boot Camps Included
  • 21 Workouts Weekly
  • New Workouts Each Week
  • Access to Self Serve Nutrition Portal
  • Live Virtual Makeup Boot Camps*
  • Discounts on Additional Services
*Virtual Makeup Boot Camps will be broadcast in case of cancellation.

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