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Private Boot Camp

Choose any outdoor park setting in San Diego or we can host on-site at your location.


We can train large or small groups using team building techniques or just provide a great workout.


From bodyweight boot camps, to fully equipped strength workouts & race events, we cover it all.


Everyone of our workouts is suitable for you most active employees to your just getting started beginners. Everyone will feel included & accomplished.

Rachel & Justin Fassio

Get on our schedule today for an incredible corporate experience! We provide a wide range of services including:
Boot Camps
Wellness Programs
Nutrition Programs
Races with marked routes
virtual wellness & live virtual fitness.

Email for pricing

Email: justin@sandiegocorefitness.com


Pricing varies depending on location, number of participants, length of time, permit requirements & equipment requests.


One-off bodyweight events below 50 participants don’t require permits in most parks.

Thank You!