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In Person or Online, San Diego Core Fitness has the Modern Tools To Reach Your Goals.

Where We Are

Mission Bay, Ski Beach, North Park, Aero Drive & Online Everywhere


All our services are also offered online, live and interactively. Small Group Private Training, One-on-One Training & Nutrition Appointments can all be conducted online. San Diego Core Fitness, effective fitness made simple.

Virtual Packages


Our Aero Drive HQ is the perfect central location. In the heart of San Diego across from Montgomery Field, we offer small group indoor training, personal training and nutrition services from this location. Message us for appointment times.

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Our North Park Boot Camp is the perfect morning location. Right in the heart of North Park at Morley Field, anyone living in the North Park neighborhood has no excuse to get their pre-work fitness in. Boot Camps offered M-F 6 & 6:45 am.

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Our Mission Bay Boot Camp is the perfect evening location. Right off the 5 along side beautiful Mission Bay, anyone coming home from north county has no excuse to get their post-work fitness in. Boot Camps offered M-F 4:30, 4:45 & 5:30 pm.

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Live Online Training

Throughout the day and by appointment.

North Park

Morley Field M-F 6am and 6:45am Boot Camps

Mission Bay-South

East Mission Bay-South T, Th 4:30pm & 5:30pm

Mission Bay-North

East Mission Bay - North M, W & F 4:45pm & 5:30pm

Aero Drive-HQ

Aero Drive M 5:30pm, F 6pm Nutrition & PT by Appointment

Ski Beach-Weekends

Ski Beach Weekend Warrior Saturdays 8am

Core Elite Trial

$ 40 6 Wks

Boot Camps, Nutrition & Live Online Classes

  • $40-CORE ELITE Trial*
    • 6 Weeks Unlimited Boot Camps All Locations
    • Boot Camps Mission Bay, North Park & Aero Drive
    • Live Online Interactive Classes
    • Live Online Follow Along Broadcasts
    • Live Makeups & Recorded Classes
    • Nutrition Portal with Dietitian Support
    • Weekend Warrior Boot Camp

    *First time clients only, no refunds. 6 week program, memberships must be purchased separately.

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Core Preferred Trial

$ 30 6 Wks

Boot Camps, Nutrition, Virtual Makeups

  • 6 Weeks Unlimited Boot Camps
  • Morley Field Mornings
  • Mission Bay Evenings
  • Weekend Warrior @ Ski Beach Included
  • Equipment Included
  • 6am & 6:45am M-F
  • 4:45pm & 5:30pm M/W/F
  • 4:30 & 5:30 T/Th
  • Self Serve Nutrition Portal
  • Virtual Weather Cancellation Makeups

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Core Trial

$ 20 6 Wks

Outdoor Boot Camp

  • 6 Weeks Unlimited Boot Camps
  • Single Outdoor Location
  • Weekend Warrior @ Ski Beach Included
  • Equipment Included
  • 6am & 6:45 M-F

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What People Are Saying.

People are saying great things about San Diego Core Fitness.

Getting in shape starts with putting one foot in front of the other and moving. Getting in great shape starts with San Diego Core Fitness and our Cross Functional Interval Training method.

Justin Fassio
Co-Owner San Diego Core Fitness

I love the science and biology behind exercise and nutrition. You’ll see that in every workout and nutrition program I design. They are always well researched, thought out, and incredibly effective.

Rachel Fassio
Co-Owner San Diego Core Fitness

Amazing first workout! I’ll for sure be purchasing a membership after these six weeks!.

Alexa C

Trainers are a great combination of encouraging without being pushy. The workouts are different every single class so it is great for someone like me with exercise ADD.

GroupOn Review

Great team running the boot camps. Great workout and easy to schedule classes!

Jenny T.

Wonderful instructors, exciting work outs that change constantly, motivating group of people.

Jessica G.
51945 Client Sessions
25972500 Calories Burned


Follow the steps, get real results.


Start with Personal Training or Boot Camps, add nutrition, optimize your program & Achieve your goal.
Intro to Personal Training $150

Start with 3, 45 minute personal training sessions to get evaluated on form, movement & strength. Learn how to conduct the exercises effectively and efficiently without injury.

Add Nutrition $199/mo

Add our Core Transform 3 month nutrition program to your workouts to calibrate and accelerate results as well as instigate a lifestyle change that will put you on the permanent path to great physical fitness and health.

Sports Nutrition Programs
1st Time Boot Camp Special $20

Start with 6 weeks unlimited boot camps. The 1st 2 weeks you will adapt to our interval training style, the 2nd 2 weeks you will feel the conditioning & strength changes, and in the last 2 weeks you will see significant body composition change.

Add Nutrition $99/mo

Get menu's tailored to you, your goals and your boot camp schedule. Our 3 month Core Assist nutrition program is sure to get you on track and keep you focused on reaching your fitness and body composition goals.

Our Prices

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