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Live 2-Way Online Virtual Fitness

Virtual Personal Training and Virtual Group Fitness Live Streamed

The Future of Online Training is Here!

Live 2-Way Interactive Online Training puts our Personal Trainers in your home without the time-cost or physical cost of travel. We offer 2 modes of online training sessions; interactive and broadcast. In an interactive session, the trainer can see and hear you and you can see and hear the trainer, allowing for instruction and questions back and forth. In a broadcast session, you can see and hear the trainer but the trainer can only received typed messages from you. Broadcast mode is a follow along type of session whereas interactive is an instructional session.

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Live Virtual Fitness

The trainer can see & hear you, you can see & hear them; it’s personal training or group fitness through your computer, laptop, tablet or even phone.

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Train Anywhere

Never miss a workout when your trainer is wherever you are, virtually. No more losing time driving to the gym, get your workout done every time.

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Low Cost

Less travel time, lower overhead, more sessions executed means that minute for minute, virtual training is less expensive than the in-person alternative.

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Sign UP

Look for classes with a camera icon next to them, sign up for the class, complete reservation.


Test Your Internet Connection

Select ``Join Virtual Session`` anytime prior to class to run through the connection test.


Join Session

5 Minutes before the session starts, join the virtual session, frame yourself in full view using the small self window.

Step 1 and 2 Signing up & Testing Your Connection

Step One


Review the schedule, click on the session title with a camera icon for more information, then select “Sign Up”. You will be asked to confirm your reservation in order to complete the sign up process. After that you will want to immediately join the session, regardless of the day and time it actually starts, and test your connection.

Step Two


We recommend using Google Chrome except on iPhones and iPads, in those instances use Safari. Right after signing up you will be redirected to the schedule and in you profile under “your schedule” you will see that you can “Join Virtual Session” select this option and it will run you through a test of your camera, microphone, browser version and internet connection. Please allow the browser to have access to your camera and microphone for interactive classes.

It's Time to Enter The Live Interactive Session

During Your Virtual Session

Step Three



Before your first session begins, you will want to make sure that you have positioned a yoga or exercise mat in such a way that it can be seen full screen in the frame. Next you’ll want to make sure that you can be seen from head to toe. This can easily be done by entering into the virtual session at anytime and viewing yourself in the small viewer in the upper right hand side of your screen. To make the viewer as large as possible, go to full screen mode.

Permissions are temporary!

Not to worry…when you allow the browser access to your camera or microphone you are only giving the browser permission. Our software utilizes your browsers settings and does not have access at any other time than when the session is live. If you do not want the trainer to see you and you just want to follow along, it is ok to not allow permission to the camera and you will still be able to follow along.

We are not recording.

San Diego Core Fitness does not record any of their online sessions. These are intended to be utilized by clients in a live capacity only.

Please ask questions.

Treat an interactive online workout just like an in-person boot camp or personal training appointment. Please ask questions, especially by email prior to the workout. Justin can be reached at justin@sandiegocorefitness.com if you have any concerns or questions about how to test your computer, privacy concerns or general questions about online fitness training.

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