The 1000 Calorie Workout!

And yes, you can burn 1000 calories in an hour, hence, all workouts are not created equal. A thousand calorie workout isn’t going to just be strength or strictly cardio, it requires using multiple energy systems to sustain the proper intensity to burn that volume of calories. I will discuss the most common fitness goal here today, if the 1000 calorie workout fits that  goal and the best way to achieve it in San Diego.

Most people say they want to “lose weight”, but gerally what they really want to do is lose fat and maintain muscle. A bodyweight, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program is the best way to burn maximum calories in an allotted time period while accomplishing this goal. In fact the Tabata Interval was discovered during reasearch to achieve the most efficient interval to train both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems at the same time. HIIT can increase baseline caloric expenditures to a scorching 15+ calories a minute as recorded in J Sports Sci Med. 2013. Check out our Calorie Calculator below to see how many calories you will burn in our outdoor boot camp.

There are many great parks such as Morley Field and Mission Bay that offer perfect locations for outdoor HIIT workouts that can achieve that type of intentsity. Morley Field with its steep hills, stadium stairs and many different physical features is one of the best places for HIIT workouts in San Diego. By combining different types of exercise in one workout such as steep hill sprints, push ups and box jumps, you will achieve the intensity you are looking for more quickly than a single exercise workout such as cycling or running.

Can you actually burn 1000 calories in an hour? There is a scientific unit of measurement called a Metabolic Equivalent or  MET: The ratio of the work metabolic rate to the resting metabolic rate. One MET is defined as 1 kcal/kg/hour and is roughly equivalent to the energy cost of sitting quietly. The lowest MET measurement is 1 and the highest is 17. Any exercise that rates at 10+ on the MET scale will burn about 1000 calories in an hour. You are more likely to reach this inensity outdoors than you are in a home workout but we have to work with what is available. 

What Exercise Burns 1000 Calories in an Hour?

You could run 8 miles or bike 16 miles in under an hour if you have the physical capacaity to do it, or there is a more achieveable option: HIIT. You can’t start at a burn rate of 1000 calories an hour but you can build up to it. Not everyone can run or even build up to 7 minute miles for an hour straight or bike 3:30 second miles for 16 miles in a stretch but most people can work up to a 60 minute HIIT workout over time.

But I want to start burning 1000 caloreis a day today!

If you don’t want to work up to a 1000 calorie workout, you don’t have to. Working out at that intensity still requires reaching a level of cardio and physical conditioning that many people won’t ever achieve. By combining different workouts throughout the day you can easily burn 1000 calories a day in 60-90 minutes and effectively target fat burning. Here’s what you need to do.

2 x 45 Minute rounds of HIIT exercise.

If you were to do a split schedule of our 45 minute bootcamps in the morning and evening with a MET Value of 9 you would burn about 1260 calories in a day. Since we offer online and outdoor workouts, you could combine them to make it easier to achieve this goal. No equipment necessary, just some motivation and two short blocks of time. One home workout and one in-person workout is more than enough to burn 1000 calories in a day. But hey, let’s face it, spending 90 minutes working out isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

 1 HIIT Workout + 1 Hike.

You could do one at home HIIT workout and then head out to Torrey Pines and do the walk from the parking lot to the top of the hill and you would burn 1000+ calories in a day. Any trail with a steep hill like the trails in Mission Trails Regional Park at North or South Fortuna Mountain will offer a high MET Value for the time spent.

1 Bike Ride + 1 Hike.

If you want to cut down your training time to 60 minutes or less you’d have to be riding your bike up and over from La Jolla Shores to Torrey Pines Beach for one workout and then hit the staircase at South Fortuna for the next. I like that type of training schedule as both locations offer incredible views and you will feel very accomplished. If time is not a factor I would recommend doing a longer ride and a longer walk, just make sure both have hills and you push the intensity. You will need to do 90-120 minutes with your heart rate up to reach 1000 calories. The walk/hike is the harder of the 2 to achieve the intensity as it will require steep hills for most of the duration of the exercise period.

3 x 30 Minute Rounds of Exercise.

Try a 30 minute run around Balboa Park at the highest pace you can achieve first thing in the morning. Midday get a full body strength workout in your local gym then in the evening, hit the park for an allterra calisthenics workout with short sprints and bodyweight exercises. If you have the resources and time, this will burn bodyfat, increase lean muscle mass and greatly improve your cardiovascular fitness .

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    Burning 1000 Calories To Target Weight Loss.

    All the exercises I have discussed in this article are for optimal health results. This means burning bodyfat, improving cardiovascular conditioning and achieving a healthy bodyweight through achievable weight loss. We do not promote quick fix programs, just good, old fashioned hard work. If you particpate in the recommended activities you will see improved sleep, better daily focus, healthier bodycompostion and lower resting heart rate and blood pressure. Our goal is to encourage everyone to get out and move. While myself and my wife to set a goal of burning 1000+ calories a day in exercise activities, we have been doing this for a long time and recommend that you build up to it. As always, be safe and please ask questions and get a physicians clearance before starting any rigorous exercise program.