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THE FITREP (Fitness Report)


The FITREP is a collection of articles written by Justin and Rachel to keep you up to date on industry trends, health info and longform articles on the services we offer and the philosophy behind them.

Are Online Training and Outdoor Workouts the New Normal?
Are Online Training and Outdoor Workouts the New Normal?

The Big Fitness Industry Shakeup. We all made a lot of life changes since restrictions began to be implemented back in March of 2020. Many people resorted to online training videos or attempting to put together their own workouts outdoors using minimal equipment or...

Top Three Diet Trends of 2021
Top Three Diet Trends of 2021

TOP 3 DIET TRENDS FOR 2020 With every New Year goals are set, diets are started and resolutions are made. We decided to review and list the top 3 diet/nutrition trends of 2020 and provide you insight into the trends we like and why we think they are effective. ...

Outdoor Boot Camp Fitness

What Goes Into Every Outdoor Workout? Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp In the first of a two-part series, I’ll explain the various elements that go into creating an outdoor fitness boot camp program so that as a member of San Diego Core Fitness you can better understand the...


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